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Rate limiting

To ensure fair usage of our APIs, we employ rate limiting. Currently, the limit is 500 requests/minute per API Key.

Once you exceed the limit, you will receive the following response with a 429 statuscode:

    "errorMessage": "Too many requests. We allow 500 requests per minute.",
    "httpStatusCode": 429,
    "errorCode": 26,
    "friendlyError": "Please retry your request after the seconds indicated in the 'retry-after' response-header.",
    "helpMessage": "For more information about rate limiting, visit our documentation.",
    "helpLink": ""

As the friendlyerror indicates, you will receive a response-header named 'retry-after', containing the seconds you must wait before you send another request.

What's in a minute?

The rate limit works in such a way, that the first request will start the window of requests, and after one minute the request window will reset. What this effectively means, is that attempting before the retry-after header has passed will not work.